“You Know you must do it”

Through stories and lessons from women leaders, you’ll discover how to embrace, nurture, and chase your Big Gorgeous Goals to reach new levels of success.

“This book will leave you with a vision of what’s possible and a plan for how to go get it.”


Liane Davey, New York Times – Bestselling Author of the Good Fight

Julie Works With:

Scaling founders and teams

Female Leaders

Second or third act professionals


Corporate + workplace advancement

Corporate Leaders

About Julie

Meet Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis is a speaker, author, and leadership coach.  She is the founder of Julie Ellis & Co. and a co-founder of award-winning Mabel’s Labels, one of Canada’s greatest small business success stories.  The founding team sold Mabel’s Labels to CCL Industries (owner of the Avery Labels brand) in 2015.

Julie’s book, Big Gorgeous Goals is written for women entrepreneurs who want to step out of the small box they find themselves in and set world domination in their sights.  In discussion with over a dozen women entrepreneurs, Julie explores their stories of why and how they have achived great things in their lives and careers, and pairs that knowledge with her own stories of how she built, grew, and sold her business to a giant in her industry.  Julie speaks on goal setting, leadership, and corporate strategy.


“Julie Ellis shows you how to get out of the box of thinking small, so that you can imagine and realize amibitious, Big Gorgeous Goals.”


Shelle rose charvet, author of “words that change minds”

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Speaking & Workshops

I speak to organizations, associations, and at events about getting out of your small box and taking a chance to set a Big Gorgeous Goal.

This is a call to action for women to lift themselves and each other up.  You will discover how to integrate the work of leadership in all facets of your life, so you can succeed in all the roles you play.