Navigating the Path to an 8-Figure Business: Overcoming Pain Points and Embracing Triumphs
Becoming an 8-figure business is a dream that many entrepreneurs aspire to achieve. The road to this lever of success is riddled with challenges and also with victories that define the journey.

Let’s delve into the pain points and triumphs that entrepreneurs experience as they grow their businesses from humble beginnings to the remarkable achievement of eight figures.

building a 7-figure business

Here are some of the things I learned on the way.

Pain Points:

  1. Scaling Challenges: Scaling a business to eight figures requires a significant increase in operations, resources, and team. Entrepreneurs often face challenges in managing this growth, including processes that no longer work, maintaining a high level of quality, and finding the right team.
  2. Cash Flow Management: Rapid growth is always tough on cashflow. Expenses are increasing and you’re waiting to collect revenue. It’s key for us to master the art of managing cash flow to ensure the business stays afloat during expansion.
  3. Market Competition: As a business gains traction, competition intensifies. This definitely kept us up at night during the growth years of Mabel’s Labels. Staying innovative and ahead of the curve becomes crucial ill to maintaining market share and customer loyalty.
  4. Team Dynamics: With a larger team, comes more complexity. Maintaining a cohesive and motivated team becomes more of a challenge. Effective leadership, communication, and employee development and essential for success with any team.


  1. Market Recognition: Reaching eight figures signifies that a business has gained substantial market recognition. By the time we reached 8-figures in revenue, the Mabel’s Labels brand was well known amongst moms, who were our biggest advocates.
  2. Strong Financial Foundation: An 8-figure business enjoys a robust financial foundation. This allows for investments in R&D, marketing, and expansion opportunities. It also helps you to hire any experts that you might need as you navigate new territory.
  3. Impact and Innovation: Businesses at this level are often leaders in innovation. Now we have the resources to invest in things that push the boundaries of what is possible in our industry.
  4. Influence and Partnerships: The success of an 8-figure business opens doors to influential partnerships and collaborations, amplifying our reach and impact.

Balancing Act:

  1. Staying Grounded: not getting too caught up in either the pain points or the triumphs – and remaining humble and committed to the core values we created for our business.
  2. Adaptability: The journey doesn’t end at eight figures. Adaptability is key to staying relevant and growing further in a dynamic business landscape. Keeping an eye on the next Big Gorgeous Goal for the business as you move into new territory.
The path to growing an 8-figure business is a complex one, marked by both challenges and achievements. When we navigate these pain points with resilience and leverage our triumphs to push forward, then we’re really able to succeed. This journey is a continuous evolution that requires dedication, innovation and a passion for excellence.

No one should embark on it alone – I had so much help along the way so be sure to build your networks and advisors around you.


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