Why You Need White Space To Dream Big

When you’re passionate about the work you do, it can be really challenging to say “No!” to opportunities. And so, you fill your calendar with meetings and events until your work-life is busy and full of to-dos.

Chalk letters, "Dream Big"

This is YOU if you feel like you’re in constant motion, never stopping to catch your breath (or a break).

To be clear: This go-go-go energy can be really helpful, and it’s vital for getting things done.

The problem is that, without taking a break, you’re not allowing yourself time and space to do that big picture visioning that brings your work to life.

And I get it. I have this problem, too.

You might be afraid to slow down and create “white space” on your calendar because you’re afraid of your big picture goals (consciously or unconsciously). 

Big dreams mean big steps forward… and if you’re not afraid of the amount of work, you might be afraid of getting it “wrong.”


Big dreamers sometimes fear the possibility of an imperfect result.

Or like me, you might feel guilty about opening your schedule to a few hours of “nothingness.” What if that time turns into you sitting on the couch and staring at the wall? What if you end up with ZERO new ideas and NO PLANS to take your next steps?

That’s possible. And it will likely happen, at first. But it’s only after allowing for empty space in your day (and in your brain) that new ideas feel welcome to show up. That “white space” is what brings clarity to help you identify what to do next and how to get started.

So here’s my challenge to you: watch this (3-minute) video and answer the questions that follow –

  • What things do you say, “Yes!” to regularly? Why? Are these the things you *want* to be doing?
  • Is there anything that deserves a “no” right now? Why?
  • Where can you find white space to dream big this week? How can you start taking steps toward your big dreams today?

You know this is important work; your big visioning is what’s gotten you here.

Now you have to figure out how to harness the power of an open schedule. 

And the first step is making white space on your calendar to allow for time and space to dream bigger and envision the path forward.