8 Tips To Standing In Your Decision

Have you ever felt like decisions hold you back? Maybe you even wait for something to “pick you” before you have to make a decision.

These little moments add up.

Woman in nature making a decision.
Committing to a decision is scary. Especially if you’ve found the choices you’ve made have led you to negative outcomes. How can you trust yourself?

If you find yourself trapped in analysis paralysis, consider this: decisions are less about commitment and more about trust.

Here are 8 tips on how you can think big and stand in your decisions.

  1. Consider the impact of stress. If you have an incredible opportunity, but you’re afraid to fail, this is stress. Don’t let stress deter you from expanding your business. Take time to commit to growth, and allow yourself grace to take one step at a time.

  3. Allow yourself to sleep on it. Odds are if you’re overwhelmed, you need a second. Let yourself sleep on decisions, but don’t wait on it. Your first impressions are the best indicator of how to take next steps. Let the initial shock wear off and then stand tall with how to respond.

  5. Always weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes the best decision is to say, “I trust that this isn’t for me,” and then move on. Consider pros and cons. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

  7. Goals and values. How do these decisions contribute to your long-term goals? Are you getting closer or is this taking you away… Piggybacking off the last point, do what serves you in the most logical way possible and trust your plan.

  9. Prepare for any outcome. No matter what, life throws curveballs. Write down every consequence of the decision and make a mini plan. This makes you stand tall. You’ve got a plan. Nothing can take you down when you do this.

  11. Talk it out. Get additional support and perspective. Understand what you’re signing up for, there’s nothing more empowering than knowing you have others around supporting your decision.

  13. WRITE it out! Jot down initial reactions. If you’re skeptical, inspired, intimidated, all the emotions you feel. Reflect on that as you take the next steps. This can be key in deciding if it’s going to be good for you or not.

  15. Allow yourself to rethink. Reverse psychology is a key component of decision-making. In my opinion, if you empower yourself to have the courage to step back on decisions that no longer feel right for you, it only strengthens the trust you have in yourself.

At the end of the day, standing in your decisions is going to lead you to a confident life. I hope this list can help you when it comes to making changes. You deserve a life where you stand behind every choice you make because you made it for YOU.

You’re one decision away from your best life. I hope you see how empowering that is.

You’re one decision away from your best life. I hope you see how empowering that is.