Safe Goals Versus Big Gorgeous Goals

Let’s talk about safe goals versus big gorgeous goals.

A patch that says GOALS. Is it time to work on your SMART goal?

I think we set a lot of safe goals and we’ve been somewhat conditioned to look at safe goals as something that we do and that we can measure, like SMART goals. They’re specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. When you use the SMART method, you get shit done; you set the goal, you make a list, and you can achieve some great things.

But the idea of a big gorgeous goal takes you out of the safe zone.

It speaks to your heart’s truest desires and the things you imagine for yourself. It takes you to new places where you’ll grow, you’ll build new networks, you’ll create white space, and incorporate blank slates into your life so that you take the time to dream and imagine things that you want to achieve in this lifetime. This is why a big gorgeous goal is so important.

It’s possible for some SMART goals to fall out of the big gorgeous goal because a goal is a little bit like a cascade: you have the big part at the top and you have all the work that needs to happen to get there that falls down out of it. So, you could have some SMART goals that are moving you toward your big gorgeous goal, but I think it’s more about stepping out of the box, leaning into the fears you feel, and just going for it. That’s the place where opportunity knocks, where you sometimes surprise yourself, and you get so much farther than you ever imagined you could.

That big gorgeous goal is where you lean into the impossible becoming possible. You get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you stretch yourself to places that you may never have imagined going in order to accomplish something that you’ve held close to your heart for a really long time or an idea that you’re very passionate about.

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I think that both methods have their place, but I really encourage you to set a big gorgeous goal and chase those dreams down!