Where to Find Rest in a Busy Season

So much of what we reach for in life is about experiencing fullness – a busy schedule, a well-stocked pantry, a hefty bank account. And while this fullness can feel good, sometimes it’s equally important to give yourself moments of emptiness, especially in your calendar.

A bench overlooking a sunset, white space for big visions and big goals. Find Rest.

I used to feel a sense of dread when I experienced “white space” on my calendar – if I wasn’t doing anything, well, what WAS I doing? My sense of self and my value were tied to how much of my own time I could fill. I felt the need to be constantly working towards goals, without giving myself the time to enjoy it once I got there. So I started carving out space.

It was in those blank spaces that I found I had time and space to really fill other areas of need.

Rest, rejuvenation, time spent in nature and with family – these are all things that are necessary to keep doing the hard work. They are both a reward and a non-negotiable. It’s in these unscheduled times that I love to get out my journal and just dream my dreams and think about my goals. I finally have space to reflect on where I want to go, because I’m not entirely focused on how I’m getting there each moment.

Recently, I was able to go on a long-planned and long-put-off vacation with my family in anticipation of my son’s graduation. While the vacation felt luxurious, finding that white space doesn’t necessarily mean going to a tropical island. Some days, this looks like going for a walk, going to the park, having coffee on the porch in the morning. All of these things give me the ability to take a moment to be inspired, to think about my goals, and to step away from an overflowing inbox. It gives me a chance to rest.

So here’s my challenge to you: watch this (3-minute) video and answer the questions that follow –

  • Where do you go to rest?
  • What would eliminating some practical elements create room for in your life?
  • What is the first step for you into a place where you have room to grow?

The work you’re doing is important. The moments you stop working are equally important.

Don’t be afraid of the blank calendar, the empty morning, the vacation. Dive in, stay open, and enjoy what the universe will bring.

And the first step is making white space on your calendar to allow for time and space to dream bigger and envision the path forward.