Why Set a Big Gorgeous Goal?

Today, let’s address the all-important question of why – why do we set big gorgeous goals? As we prepare to answer that question, I want you to pause and take a look at your day-to-day life.

If you’re like most of us, you find yourself busy. Your calendar is constantly full, your to-do list is packed, and you go from day to day crossing things off the list. Maybe you feel safe in that busyness; that’s understandable!

But you have to ask yourself: what type of space are you creating with your calendar and your to-do list? Is it a safe space, perhaps one that is a little too small? Is there room in this space to reach for the unknown? If we surround ourselves with busyness, the answer is often “no.”

That’s why we need big gorgeous goals! They help us move outside of our small box, stretch ourselves, and move toward our full potential. 

Until you step outside of the box that your busyness has created, you may not even realize how small it was or how stuck you were. Big gorgeous goals are set outside of our comfort zones for a reason. It’s in the unknown, the new spaces, where we can truly reach for the stars.

When we’re outside of our comfort zones, outside of our boxes, we have the white space needed to think about what matters. If you leave yourself this space, you can begin to ask what you really want to do in this world, and what’s really important.

Once we know those things, we can set big gorgeous goals to get there, goals that don’t trap us in a too-small space. You may find that the more you allow yourself to dream and live outside your comfort zone, the bigger your goals become!

As you consider what you care about and what to do about it, it’s important to remember that all of us will have different big gorgeous goals, as we should. What matters most to me may be different than what matters most to you, and that’s why the world needs ALL of us to have big gorgeous goals.

So, allow yourself to dream, play, and imagine things for yourself that are outside of the lists and the calendars. Do something that feels scary, and notice how it stretches you, teaches you, and brings new people into your life.

    Let yourself be taken in a new direction – one that’s outside of your comfort zone!