4 Things “Lucky” People Do

It’s the entrepreneur’s dream to sell their business. To create a big exit and reap the financial reward of building a successful business.

Man holding lucky dice.

It’s the unified goal. Every entrepreneur you connect with wants to be successful enough to sell their business. The reality is that it’s incredibly difficult to get there. You’ll see some established entrepreneurs seem incredibly lucky. How did they find their niche? Then brand it? Market it? How did they do it?

From the outside looking in, you can’t help but think, “They were incredibly lucky”.

It looks like they were always a step ahead, they had the money, the idea, the team, the everything to succeed, and how can we possibly be that lucky, too? That’s what “Big Gorgeous Goals” is all about! The truth is, we’re all lucky.

Here are the traits that got my startup sold.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Hard Work. It took me 13 years to sell Mabel’s Labels. To this day, it’s one of my most gratifying achievements. If I tried to take any shortcuts or sold sooner, that’s something that I could have lost out on. I took the time and was incredibly patient. Nothing is an overnight success.

  3. You Solve A Problem. This may seem strange, but the truth is, if you solve a problem, there’s a business. It’s a simple but also complicated idea. It has dynamics to it, intricacies that you need to unwrap before developing your business. Many entrepreneurs want to get started with their first idea, but really ask yourself, “What problem does this reliably solve?” When you can answer that clearly and in totality, the rest falls into place. Branding becomes easier, your mission statement creates itself, and you have a brand you completely stand by.

  5. Your Team Matters. A BIG ONE. As the founder, it’s easy for you to be predisposed to attributing success and luck to your endurance. The truth is that if you are looking to sell your business, your team makes a massive contribution to that. You’ll ride highs and lows every day, make tough choices about the direction to go in, and you need to have a team that has your best interests at heart in the boardroom alongside you! It’s the people that can tell you the marketing strategy that works, the financers who can fund product testing and promotion. “Lucky” people always have a team in the trenches with them.

  7. Believe You’re Lucky. Perhaps what luck really is, is taking hold of opportunity when it presents itself, accepting that bit of information, knowledge, and support, and leveraging it into something bigger. That’s something everyone is capable of. It’s having the courage to do it that makes the difference. Believe it will come with highs and lows, but you’ll get to the other side regardless. It will always be worth it.

The “luckiest people” continuously bet on themselves. No one can summon luck; all you can do is have the confidence and endurance to take on opportunities, then see them through. Luck isn’t a genetic trait. It isn’t something where you close your eyes and wish for it. Luck is something that you work for every single day.

There’s one thing you need to be lucky. You need big gorgeous goals that inspire you to bet on yourself. Now get after it!

Looking at successful careers, it’s easy to assign their success to luck. The secret is that luck is about 90% hard work and planning – which is great! Because with those percentages, we can all be lucky.